Frequently Asked Questions!

What is the Drink situation?

Yestival is ofc BYOB but we know that everyone likes a nice cold drink In the sunshine.

We will have a large refrigeration unit and a bar on site where you can buy from a selection of alcoholic and alcohol free beers, canned cocktails and soft drinks. All super reasonably priced!🥤 🍺 🍹

A kettle and complimentary coffee and tea will also be provided for you caffeine junkies. ☕️ 🫖

Where the heck is it?

The easiest way to get to Yestival is to drive. Put "Ark Buffalo Projects" into Google Maps and you will find it.

The location of the field is 5 mins up the road from there but we will drop a pin and little map in the week before.

It’s about an hour outside London and an hour and a half from Bristol.

What about parking?

We have unlimited free parking space. Campervans etc are welcome.

For those that can’t drive, we are trying to organise lift shares, but if you need to get the train then Winchester is the nearest station, and you can get a taxi (about 20 mins drive)